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Transparency & Professionalism, The same price as with providers!
Polynesia Zoom is a platform designed to help the development of Polynesia in the broad sense (Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island, Samoa, French Polynesia) and the Polynesians, and in particular to provide a solution to all service providers, activities or merchants who are not present on the Internet, or who do not have the means to implement their own online booking or sales systems.

There are no additional charges for bookings on Polynesia Booking. All the services, activities and products offered on the website are for consumers at actual prices and at the same prices as directly with the service providers. Providers and the entire community benefit from a modern, high-performance communications platform for a budget well below what they would have to invest separately for the same communication effort.

Users of Polynesia Zoom can therefore enjoy to help Polynesian entrepreneurs and Polynesians themselves, and also benefit from a little more clarity on what to visit, see, do or buy in Polynesia. Tourists will certainly appreciate, but the residents will also enjoy it for their leisure, their daily or their work.


Please note that some bank charges are still present in certain transactions and that Polynesia Booking can not be held responsible. All transactions are settled and are made in XPF in all cases. The prices displayed in EUR or USD are given for information only, they come from a simple conversion using 119.33 XPF (F) for 1 EURO and 1.2 USD ($) for 1 EURO, and have no contractual value.

Associations or groups of services providers

The associations or groups of services providers are invited to contact us to study adapted formulas to be proposed to their members.

Providers Rates

No surprise. No commission and no additionnal fee. You pay an installation fee once and you pay the bank and/or payments systems fees related to your bookings.
If you have your own PayPal account then you cash directly.
  • Several different Services
  • "Spotting" Biz-Page option
  • "Shopping" packages choices.
  • "Booking" packages choices. Packages / Combos (Combined Offers) between service providers option.
  • "Web Site" package.

Tourism Professionals

Tourism Operators and Travel Agencies have to contact us directly before booking services or activities for their own customers.

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